Heater Controls

There are various types of control available including gsm modems and GPS receivers to allow the heater (or the vehicle it is fitted in) to be located and tracked at any time and also to allow remote switching and monitoring of the heater system.

Standard Digital display control supplied with Planar and Binar systems.

Simcom modem. Available as an option for all planar and Binar heaters. Allows app control and text message control. Requires a sim card( O2 or vodafone recommended. not provided).

manuals here https://www.autoterm-europe.com/storage/app/media/uploaded-files/SIMCOM_Operation%20Manual_EN.pdf


PU-27 Timer and OLED Digital display control supplied as an option with Planar and Binar systems. Manuals here https://www.autoterm-europe.com/storage/app/media/uploaded-files/Control%20panel%20PU-27%20operating%20manual.pdf


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